Calling all (US) Browncoats!

It’s finally about that time… a Firefly nom!

I want to make sure this potential new nom will be something that people want, and that it is up to snuff. So, I want to pick a handful of people to ship a sample to in order to ensure it ships well and tastes great and is good enough for all Browncoats out in the ‘verse.

If you want to be selected to test please email me at

I am specifically looking for people who are:

  • loyal Browncoats.
  • capable of properly and honestly reviewing a food product without pulling punches.
  • willing to take photos of the shipped product in all states of its packaging.
  • not allergic to peanuts, eggs, or have an intolerance or are allergic to gluten.

While I understand that many may apply, please realize I can only ship to a few. Selections will also be based on region and availability.

Thanks in advance :D

Leo D.